Right Direction Careers was founded by Carole Lombard in 2015.  Carole is passionate about supporting high school students to create clarity and confidence in the decision about their career so they can be the 1% of those who actually enjoy their job!

Meet Carole Lombard

Career Strategist

Hi, I’m Carole.  I am one of those people who did what everyone else wanted me to do and when that didn’t work I went after the money. As a result, I wasted a lot of valuable time and resources getting multiple degrees, only to find I was still not fulfilled in my career. What happened? I had no guidance and I wasn’t able to take advantage of valuable resources to steer me in the right direction, therefore, I didn’t discover my passion until later in life.

That is why I am committed to saving you time and money by offering an approach to help you determine your natural aptitudes, career values, along with your motivated skills and personality type, matching them to careers and college majors. My goal is to help you open up the infinite possibilities that surround you and guide you in the “Right Direction”.

Carole Lombard, Career Coach at Right Direction Careers offers many services to help you find your career path

My qualifications include:
• Master Career Specialist
• Certified Job & Career Transition Development Coach
• Master’s Degree in Business (MBA)
• Executive Recruiter
• Trainer

Why working with me as your career coach can make a difference

Objective point of view 
Most important is having someone whose only agenda is your success. Whether you choose to go to college or choose to go to a vocational school, it makes no difference. You will be objectively guided through a process you can look back on with confidence and know you made the best choice.
Gaining a teammate –
Having a trustworthy, credible, supportive ally who you will find is your best partner is very reassuring. You will discover your true potential and be objectively guided to explore opportunities beyond your imagination. You will be guided to look in the mirror to see the false perceptions you have about yourself because you can be your own worst enemy.
Experience action-oriented assistance –
Having someone that can actively listen, understand and support you, while asking the right questions to engage you in the process is especially relevant.
Holding you accountable –
Finally, like a personal trainer or athletic coach, it is best to have someone that will hold your feet to the fire.  You will walk away with an action plan that will help guide you toward your dream career.

“I was at a point in my life where I knew I had to make a change in my career. I was thinking about changing fields entirely but I was uncertain about what else to do. As I was struggling to do so, I found Right Direction Careers. Carole’s guidance and assessment tools opened a door of opportunities I had not thought about before. In addition, I obtained a better understanding of my abilities, my goals, re-affirmation of my passions, a clear overall picture of what my next step was and the certainty that I could accomplish my passion. I definitely consider Carole’s coaching as a MUST for anybody deciding their future career, school, job position, or education program.”

Xochitl T.

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